Winning Strategies in Real Estate: Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Snow Day

Snow Day!

Again.  Here in Northeast Ohio schools have declared another Snow Day. All of the children are celebrating but many of the parents are saying "Enough." I've already lost track of how many so far this year....since we now have "Snow Days" called not just for the snow, but also when the temperatures or wind chills are dangerously low.

I always rejoice along with our children when there  is a Snow Day.  I have come to learn they check certain online sites that indicate what percent chance there will be a snow day tomorrow, and I watch as they turn the pajamas inside out to help it happen.

I do understand the frustration some parents have when they have small children who need to be watched and thus may require a parent to miss work.  What the hell!  I say to them "Remember when you were in school and wanted a snow day."  Oh, wait.......come to think of it, I can't remember if we ever had any snow days.  When I was in school we almost all walked to school because we grew up in relatively small town.  I can remember walking to school when it was so cold that my lips froze shut.  I can remember walking to school when the snow was up to my armpits.  Really - remember, I was young and much shorter!

Were we tougher then?  Certainly we were not as well informed.  I'm not sure we knew what the weather would be tomorrow let alone the hour by hour temperature forcast for the next 3 days or the 10 day forecast.  If we ever did get a snow day it was certainly like a true holiday because it may have only come once a year.

Now children feel cheated if they don't get to use their full compliment of snow days.  I understand - I'm all for it.  I love it when our kids have a snow day.  Must be because I didn't get many when I was a kid!


Tony Morganti, CRS, ABR


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